Elipe aims to bridge a yawning gap in the IP world. That gap is between the boardroom and the IP specialists in businesses whose future is tied to the existence of effective and efficient IP systems around the world. Too often, senior management is just not engaged as important decisions that will impact IP rights, and thus their business's future prosperity, are made by policy-makers and legislators. Now, with its unrivalled experience and contacts, Elipe can help management and specialists work together seamlessly to frame appropriate responses and have those responses heard by those who matter.

David Llewelyn
David Llewelyn is a leading intellectual property academic, practitioner, author and commentator, based in Singapore. He advises governments and businesses on IP issues.
He is Deputy Dean and Professor (Practice) in the School of Law at Singapore Management University; Professor of Intellectual Property Law at King's College, London, and Honorary Professor at Hong Kong University.
We really value Elipe's services on matters ranging from advising on complex digital issues to managing large projects. They understand policy and strategy and they know how to engage with governments. Plus they understand how big companies - our members - work and what they need. Their global perspective really helps us in dealing with the complexities of working internationally.

Jeffrey P. Hardy
BASCAP International Chamber of Commerce
Elipe did some excellent work in helping us develop our strategy for IP and digital as technology transforms our business. We really value their knowledge and experience in pulling together excellent and detailed strategic advice which will help the business in both the short and longer term.

Rachel Callaghan
Head of Legal
While a Director of Legal & IP at Nokia, my global responsibilities included managing the anti-counterfeiting enforcement matters and related litigation. During that time, a customs detention of counterfeit Nokia phones transiting through the EU to Latin America highlighted the deficiencies in the existing EU Customs Regulations when the banned goods were scheduled for release and onward shipment despite confirmation of their counterfeit nature. Initiation of the case provided an opportunity to spark discussion and elevate debate on the issue of counterfeit goods in transit to a global audience. Escalating the issue to the highest court in the European Union was an important strategic decision that required a coordinated deployment of corporate resources. The professional service offering of ELIPE would have been the ideal conduit to link our legal and corporate affairs office in the most effective manner. In hindsight, I'm convinced that a thoughtful linking of those two teams' resources along with a broader communication plan could have facilitated better positioning of the issue to governments and in turn prevented misguided opposition and produced a more expedient and satisfying outcome. That's exactly what ELIPE is offering companies now.

Lucy Nichols
Former Director of Legal & IP