Use our unrivalled experience and network for your business
We have a deep understanding of the business policy landscape, enabling us to bring relevant, well-researched and timely insights and analysis tailored to our clients' business interests.

Elipe offers solutions for issues relevant both in the physical as well digital space. These issues range from complex problems within IP including copyright, patent and trademark reform, anti-counterfeiting and supply chain security, to intermediary responsibilities and the intersection of IP with other policy areas such as sustainable supply chains, business and human rights, and a wide spectrum of FMCG regulations.

Our services include:
  • Advise and help build strategies to fight counterfeit and piracy issues on and off line
  • Devising engagement plans and communication strategies
  • Stakeholder mapping and crafting messaging
  • Collaboration with government agencies: information exchange, search, seizure, and destruction, taking on-line cases and dealing with them off-line
  • Gathering best practices from across sectors and geographies across platforms and disseminating these for our clients
  • Facilitating dialogues among different stakeholder sets for holistic action against counterfeiting and piracy
  • Drafting content including research papers, presentations, speeches, talking points, articles, etc.
  • Capacity building to apprise relevant stakeholders about IP and the issues thereof
  • Help clients prepare educational material for their end consumers